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NALAG (NSW) Inc Membership

The National Association for Loss & Grief (NSW) Inc. Membership is made up of both professional and non-professional individuals, organisations and institutions with an interest in loss, grief, bereavement and trauma. Over 500 professionals and non-professionals form the membership of NALAG (NSW) Inc. Any interested member of the community over the age of eighteen (18) can apply to become a member of (NALAG NSW) Inc.


NALAG Members receive concessions on education, workshops and seminars, and a complimentary copy of NALAG's annual magazine publication 'Changes', containing journal articles, book reviews and updates on what NALAG is doing to promote grief and loss education.


Types of Membership:

Individual Membership 

One Year $65.00 (inc GST) | Two Years $110.00 (inc GST) | Three Years $165.00 (inc GST)

Individual members receive one copy of the annual 'Changes' publication and receive discounts on selected NALAG NSW Education & Training.

Concession Membership (Pensioner/NSW Full Time Student) 

One Year $40.00 (inc GST) | Two Years $70.00 (inc GST) | Three Years $105.00 (inc GST)

Concessional members receive one copy of the annual 'Changes' publication and receive discounts on selected NALAG NSW Education & Training. (You may be asked to provide proof of Pensioner/Student status).

Associate Membership (Organisation)

One Year $150.00 (inc GST) | Two Years $270.00 (inc GST) | Three Years $400.00 (inc GST)

Associate members receive two hard copies of the annual 'Changes' publication and receive discounts for two members of their organisation on selected NALAG NSW Education & Training.

Membership Application Process

To become a Member of NALAG NSW, please click the 'Apply' button below. You will be required to declare:

  • Personal information (including name and contact information)

  • Pledge to abide by the 'Constitution and Rules of NALAG (NSW) Inc.' and the 'NALAG (NSW) Inc. Code of Ethics' (available by emailing

Once completed, the NALAG (NSW) Inc Board will review your application and you will be notified of the outcome by email. 

Renew your existing NALAG (NSW) Inc Membership

Existing Members of NALAG (NSW) Inc may renew their membership online by clicking the button below.




Be the difference. 

Volunteer with NALAG

Without the valued contribution of volunteers, NALAG simply could not operate as effectively. We are always looking for generous people to assist with the running of our organisation and events.


As a NALAG volunteer, you can engage in a broad range of activities. NALAG staff and volunteers work together in promoting and maintaining the services of NALAG. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and gain new skills in the process. All NALAG volunteers have the opportunity to attend our training and education sessions, and NALAG is committed to the continuing education and supervision of our Grief Support Volunteers. We frequently hold social outings and awareness sessions for our volunteers to meet one another and to involve them in the planning of special events like Grief Awareness Month.

As a NALAG volunteer, you can give as little or as much time as you can manage. For Grief Support Volunteers, sessions usually last 1 hour for adults and half an hour for children. Depending on your client, you could spend as little as 1 hour per fortnight.


NALAG Grief Support Volunteers are trained by NALAG to provide a listening ear to those who are grieving. As a Grief Support Volunteer you will not provide counselling, but understanding and support, which is great comfort to those who are grieving. To become a NALAG Grief Support Volunteer will need to attend the Basic Loss & Grief Support training program. This training is held at different times during the year at various NALAG branches. The training is experiential and you will look at some of your own losses and learn how to support someone who is grieving. Grief Support Volunteers will also have the opportunity to continue training and become a Palliative Care Volunteer also.

All training is optional for Friends of NALAG Volunteers - the duties of this role does not require training.

NALAG offers two types of volunteering opportunities:

1. Grief Support Volunteer (with optional Palliative Care)

Grief Support Volunteer duties can include:

- Provide face to face individual grief support (training available)

- Provide telephone grief support  (training available)

- Provide assistance with administration tasks

- Help promote special events, eg: education, training, Grief Awareness Week and Healing Ceremonies

- Opportunity to provide Palliative Care 

To be a Grief Support Volunteer, you must:

- Be or willing to become a member of NALAG (see Membership info below)

- Complete Basic Loss & Grief Support Training (conducted by NALAG at various locations)

- Provide a valid NSW Working With Children Check and National Police Clearance Certificate (NALAG can assist you in obtaining these documents).

- If you wish to be a Palliative Care Volunteer also, additional training may be required

2. Friend of NALAG Volunteer

Friends of NALAG play a vital role in our organisation, assisting with events and office operations. You may be willing to assist us with setting up an information stand, cooking a BBQ or supervising children during an event. Loss & Grief training is not necessary for Friends of NALAG (as no support work is required), however you must provide a valid NSW Working With Children Check and National Police Clearance Certificate (NALAG can assist you in obtaining these documents).

To express your interest in volunteering with NALAG NSW, please complete the Volunteer Expression of Interest form by clicking the button below.

Note: You must be an existing member of NALAG (NSW) Inc to become a volunteer. To apply to become a member, see membership information at the top of this page.

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