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Changes Magazine

2023 Edition now on sale!


NALAG’s annual magazine publication, ‘Changes’, is filled with guidance, insightful articles and personal interviews, all aimed at improving awareness of grief and reducing adverse outcomes in our NSW communities. 



Order your copy today for the latest news, expert views and real stories from lived experiences of loss, grief and change.

2023 Edition features:

The nature of loss 

Jennifer Perino

The experience of loss is one all humans will have along life’s journey, but what exactly do we mean when we say “the nature of loss”?

Learning to grow again after loss 

Kristy O'Leary

The ways in which people experience grief are many and varied. Here, a mother of three young girls tells of the ripple effects of the loss of a husband and father to suicide, the weight of expectation and of the agonising physical manifestation of that burden of her own grief. 

Cry when they go... But smile because they were here 

John Tymmons

It is hard to overstate the importance of continuing bonds in helping manage grief and adapt to loss. For now 82-year old John Tymmons, it is the values and standards imparted by his mother, who died 25 years ago, that have shaped and continue to guide his own connections with family. 

Shades of grey: Cultural perspectives on a shared human experience 

Jennifer Cowley

Grief is part of the universal human experience, but the ways in which we manage the grieving process are as many and varied as the nature of loss itself. According to Wiradjuri elder and human rights advocate “Riverbank” Frank Doolan, acknowledging and understanding different cultural perspectives on this shared human condition brings us all closer to a healthier healing process.

The language of loss 

Jennifer Perino and Jennifer Cowley

What we say and how we say it is always important, but particularly with the already-difficult subjects of death and dying. The terminology we use can vary depending on our social constructs, so what’s best language of loss? 

and much more!

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