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Remembering 9/11:
Honouring the past and expressing our grief

Published 11 September 2023

Each year, the 11th of September stands as a sombre reminder of the devastating terrorist attacks that forever changed our world. You, as I, remember exactly where you were when you heard or saw this terror unfolding on your TV or news outlet 22 years ago.

I was in Taree establishing a branch of NALAG.

Today is the anniversary of this tragic event - I can recall that NALAG received many calls in the aftermath from people trying to find  ways to honour the lives lost, while also finding healthy ways to express their own grief.

In this blog, we'll take a deeper look into the importance of remembering 9/11, explore the various emotions that arise during this time, and provide suggestions for expressing our grief in meaningful and healing ways.


9/11 memorial in New York. Image by

1. Reflecting on the Impact:

Although this event took place 22 years ago, it could still feel like yesterday for the many Australians that were affected, acknowledging the profound impact it had on individuals, families, communities, and nations. Take a moment to reflect on the lives lost, the acts of heroism witnessed, and the collective trauma experienced. Recognise the significance of this day and its enduring effects on our society.


2. Embracing Our Emotions:

Grief is a complex emotion that manifests differently for each person. During this time, it is natural to experience a range of emotions such as sadness, anger, guilt, or even confusion. Allow yourself to feel these emotions and understand that they are valid responses to such a colossal tragedy. Give yourself permission to grieve in your own way and at your own pace.


Manhattan skyline with the World Trade Center's twin towers prior to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

3. Creating a Personal Memorial:

 Light a candle, place flowers, or display photographs of those who were lost.


4. Seeking Support:

Remember, you are not alone in your grief. Reach out to family, friends, or professional counsellors who can provide support. 

NALAG's grief support service is always available.

As we remember the tragic events of 9/11, it is essential for those still  effected to find healthy ways to express their  grief. By reflecting on the impact, embracing their  emotions, creating personal memorials sharing stories and memories, and seeking support, we honour the lives lost while finding healing and connection. Let us remember 9/11 with empathy, resilience, and a commitment to fostering a world of peace and understanding.


Trudy Hanson OAM 

Published September 2023


An aerial view of the 9/11 memorial site. Image by

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