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Trauma Informed Practice

Presented by Mirna Tarabay - Pschyotherapist, PACFA

This workshop provides an introductory understanding of how trauma impacts human development and survival and how these impacts can present themselves in children, young people and adults. This course will explore what this means for supporting, engaging and working with people who have experienced trauma.


The participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Increase their knowledge of the different categories of trauma and how to identify it in practice

  • Gain an increased understanding of the development of trauma symptoms

  • Explore appropriate support strategies to address the needs of traumatised people.

  • Identify ways that re-traumatisation may be avoided in the context of their role


Key areas covered:

  • Introductions, Safety statement

  • The need for Trauma Informed Practice – Why?

  • Core values of Trauma Informed Practice

  • Understanding trauma and complexities         

  • Impact of trauma including complex trauma

  • Adaptations to trauma – coping and survival strategies

  • Interpersonal and relational safety

  • Triggers and re-traumatisation

Workshop Dates & Locations

Dubbo (Day Course)

When: 9:30am-4:30pm, Monday 10 October 2022

Where: NALAG Dubbo

Cost: $300pp (includes GST)

Presenter: Mirna Tarabay

Mirna Tarabay is a Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor. Her work with survivors of trauma, abuse and loss spans over two decades. Mirna has worked in a range of capacities primarily with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, both adults and children.  She has a practice in Sydney where the focus of her clinical work is with survivors of domestic violence and child abuse including sexual abuse, as well as supervision of counsellors and case workers working in trauma and child protection fields. Mirna has been conducting training for both government and community based organisations for fifteen years. She holds a Bachelor of Education, Post Grad Diploma in Counselling and Certificate 1V in Training and Assessment (TAE). Mirna is a Clinical member of The Psychotherapists  and Counsellors Federation of Australia (PACFA).

For more info, contact:

Gerry O'Leary (NALAG Head Office)


Phone: 02 6882 9222

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