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Through Our Eyes

This free two-day workshop sees participants use photo-interactive activities to enhance their own self-knowledge, awareness and well-being, activate positive social change, reduce social exclusion, assist in expressing grief, strengthen communities, assist emotional healing and learning.


Photography does not mean only photo-taking. It also includes photo-viewing, planning, discussing, or even just remembering and reminiscing. These techniques are about photography as emotional communication, rather than photography as art and is all about the “meaning” the picture has to the person taking the photo.


  • no prior experience with cameras or the photographic arts is needed

  • great for those who find verbal communication difficult

  • beneficial for those who cannot verbalise overwhelming emotions from past or present crisis such as trauma, illness, loss and grief, life changes or disability

  • suitable for all ages

  • FREE


Participant's photographs are also presented in an exhibition following the workshop.


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