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I’ve been driving back and forth to Dubbo for almost 3 weeks now. So far I’ve been through snow (on the way down the Blue Mountains), a dust storm, a mini heat wave and, in the past two days, rain!

I started a new role – for me and for the National Association for Loss and Grief (NALAG NSW). This new role is ‘clinical manager’ and the position is designed to support the counselling and support work that over 60 grief support workers (mostly volunteers) are doing across NSW. Grief support workers provide support on the phone, face to face and in people’s homes. In recent times, volunteers in Dubbo and Mudgee have started providing end of life support for people dying and their families through a palliative care volunteer program. There are groups, community and professional education, support in workplaces, psychological first aid, community walks, art projects, craft programs and hours and hours of support happening in workplaces, farm sheds and on the phone. In Bellingen there are cooling tables for hire too!

NALAG is a small organisation that is well and truly punching above its weight thanks to the mighty volunteer workforce and a small group of employees led by CEO Trudy Hanson from NALAG headquarters in Dubbo. 

There’s a lot to do and there’ll be a lot of learning along the way! I’ll be blogging my adventures, so sign up to our email updates HERE and follow along.


Dr. Kerrie Noonan is the Clinical Manager at NALAG NSW.

You can follow her adventures HERE on the blog and you can support NALAG’s work by becoming a member HERE.


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