Working with Loss & Grief in Palliative Care Workshop

Presented by Beate Steller

M.A.Ed., BSW (Hon), R.N.

We all want "quality of life" and a "good death". But what does that really mean and how can we support our clients and their families on this final journey.

This workshop focuses on the loss and grief support network for the dying and their families. It incorporates principles of palliative care, which means affirming life and regarding dying as a normal life process.

Carers are not just challenged with preparing their loved ones to say goodbye to the world they knew, but also are confronted with their own pending losses​. Strategies of supporting people to address 'unfinishable business' will be explored and how to approach 'difficult conversations' about the inevitable. Self-care strategies will be identified to ensure we don't burn out in this very intense work with our clients.

Learning outcomes:

- Identify different responses to end of life loss

- What do dying people need and what are their expectations and wishes

- Explore and appreciate the issues to be considered when caring for the dying

- Identify some of the social, emotional and spiritual needs of people who are dying

- Assess and support normal grief and loss responses

- Describe the support needed for carers

- Name the principles of supportive communication with the dying

Who should attend this workshop?

Counsellors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, teachers, clergy, interested family members.

Workshop Dates & Locations

More dates coming soon.


Gerry O'Leary

NALAG Head Office


Phone: 02 6882 9222

About the Presenter

Beate Steller is a Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of experience of counselling, adult education and management experience in community and health settings. In the last 12 years, Beate has specialised in loss and grief education/counselling and transition counselling. Beate also currently works as a Social Worker and spiritual wellbeing coordinator in aged and palliative care. She had her first book published in 2017 called Tech-connect - Staying Meaningfully Connected in Aged Care, addressing the losses that come with the transition into residential care. She is currently completing her Masters degree in Ageing and Pastoral Studies.

NSW Head Office:

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