Family Matters

A Free Succession Planning Workshop for Family Businesses

Presented by NALAG's Our Shout Program

Succession planning in family businesses is an important process that rarely works if it "just happens”. Drought and the higher debt levels that sometimes come with managing through drought, shouldn’t mean succession planning stops. This workshop will explore the timely issues of how succession can be a positive process for the family business managing severe drought and how the bank and government support or interest rate subsidies can be more supportive, once succession planning has been done.


The workshop presenters will provide valuable tips and tools for navigating the path through family communication to create a “family-owned” business plan, showcasing a clear vision to banks and other stakeholders. There is nothing more powerful than a long term vision articulated by the family for their business. It brings people together - so everyone (including the bank) can navigate the current challenges with a shared goal, and ensure the family business succeeds sustainably, for many generations to come.

The workshop aims to assist you in creating choice, hope and options for your family business. With options, we achieve confidence and wonderful outcomes for our rural communities and everyone connected therein - the most important being a stronger mindset and wellbeing as we progress through drought and enter the eventual recovery process.

Workshop Dates

Sorry, there are currently no scheduled dates for this workshop.

Workshop Presenters

Claire Booth

Claire Booth is a Senior Associate solicitor with Duffy Elliott Lawyers specialising in Wills, Succession Planning, and the transfer of wealth across the generations involved in farming and business. Claire works with experts to ensure succession planning is holistic – creating great businesses for future generations.

James Hamilton

James Hamilton of Cultivate Advisory specialises in facilitating sensitive conversations involving family succession. Creating a safe environment for all to be heard and understood to enable the exploration of future possibilities.

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