The Neurobiology of Childhood Trauma

One day skills workshop

Presented by Mirna Tarabay - Pschyotherapist, PACFA


How do early childhood experiences of trauma and abuse affect the developing brain, the nervous system, human behaviour and memory? All these questions and more will be unravelled in this one-day interactive course. A must for anyone who works with children and families, this course will explore how the brain develops in the early years of life and the way that the environment interacts with our biology to influence brain development.


Participants will be given the opportunity to learn about:

  • The different parts of the brain and their function

  • Factors which support healthy brain development

  • The impact of trauma and abuse on the developing brain

  • The development of memory systems and how trauma effects these systems

  • How neurological structures may be repaired through positive relationship and emotional regulation skills.


Who should attend?

Anyone who works with children, young people and families including teachers, child care staff, family support, refuge workers, early intervention, child protection workers and counsellors.


Gerry O'Leary

NALAG Head Office


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Workshop Dates & Locations

Sorry, there are currently no scheduled dates for this workshop. Please contact us to express your interest in this training opportunity.

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