Grief Awareness Month

Grief Awareness Month is an annual event held in August for communities to acknowledge grief and promote resilience.


The theme for August 2019 is Acknowledging Grief - Connecting in Compassion.

As people struggle with the loss of loved ones, effects of drought, sense of security and safety, hope for the future often seems impossible.  During Grief Awareness month NALAG is encouraging Communities to reach out and come together in compassionate support.

In the midst of the chaos of grief we at NALAG hear remarkable stories of communities and individuals resilience and courage and in the spiritthat Australians are known for. Hope for the future  can help in healing for those who are grieving.

Celebrating Grief Awareness Month

Many communities promote Grief Awareness Month in their own way. There are many types of memorials, rituals and ways to acknowledge the losses in your community. NALAG uses the symbolism of wattle to promote Grief Awareness Month.

View our 'Upcoming Events' page for a full list of NALAG's contribution to Grief Awareness Month and find out how you can get involved in each event. 

Click here to view NALAG's 'Upcoming Events' webpage.

Wattle - A Symbol of Grief

Just as over one thousand types

of wattle bloom around Australia

- so do countless individuals

experience grief across our vast nation.


Just as somewhere, somehow

children, women and men are

struggling with the impact of loss

in their lives, every day of the

year, so too do wattle trees

brace themselves against the

elements that often threaten to

destroy them when natural forces

demonstrate their strength.


Just as people from all walks of

life move through their passages

of pain into new and different

ways of being

so too does wattle regenerate

again and again,

and grow to blossom and

offer a sign of new life

to all who view it.




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